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Poly Studio - 4K USB Video Conference System

Brand : Poly

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All of your conference room requirements may be met with the Poly Studio - 4K USB Video Conference System. Stop wasting time on unsuccessful video calls. The Poly Studio USB video bar makes it possible to see and hear everyone well, so you can carry on a genuine conversation. Quickly get up and running with a simple USB connection that puts technology in the background while you take center stage. It provides the huddle room with first-rate, enterprise-level service for all participants.

There's no requirement for additional software or drivers. A video conference allows all participants to view each other's faces and bodies in detail. Moreover, when using Presenter Mode, the camera moves in tandem with the presenter, much as if there were a camera operator there. A Poly Studio - 4K USB Video Conference System in Nigeria has never sounded better than it does right now. High-output stereo speakers guarantee clear communication for all. A six-microphone array ensures your voice will be heard clearly. In a meeting run on Poly, everyone has the same amount of say as everyone else.

This Poly Studio - 4K Video Conference System in Nigeria can intelligently filter out noises that could otherwise disrupt a meeting. And using Acoustic Fence technology, only the sounds from within a set area will be transmitted to your callers. Poly Lens and other cloud-based management technologies enable IT to remotely distribute software updates and configure systems without leaving their offices. High-volume deployments and centralized cloud administration help get rid of the inefficient "sneakernet" in IT. In addition, this Poly Studio - 4K USB Video Conference System is compatible with the vast majority of existing and upcoming video platforms.

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